You are a boss 你是老闆

Maybe you think yourself as an employee. But do you know you are actually a boss?

From many years working experience plus one year entrepreneurship, I found there is an misunderstanding regarding to what is a good job. Let’s simplify the answer first. If you think you are an employee who applying for job and payment, you will be less happier and less confident about your career and your life than think as being a boss.

At first glance you might feel confused to this concept. How could one be an employee and a boss at the same time? I must tell you it’s not only possible, but a ‘Must’ action you need to take. The key idea is about Control.

Control who you want to be in the group. Control what job context you would like to do. Control how to make your team become better. Please understand it’s not about over emphasizing your ambition or brutally show your supremacy among others. It’s about clearly building up your positive mindset and targeting the life you want to live.

All the ramp up above will eventually affect your behavior. You feel you are more confident than you think, want to do something really cool, and understand the importance of a great team.

Yes. You just live like a boss. Maybe not for a company, but definitely for your own.


或許,你認為自己只是一個員工。但你是否知道你的真實身份其實是個老闆 ?








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