If you were not yourself 如果你不是你自己

Our daily life driven mostly by our instinct. It’s nature because we are saving energy for learning, working, or emergency. However the less we think, the more tendency we make mistakes. This is also the reason why can’t we quit some bad habits.

Think about this: “If you were not yourself, what advice would you give to you?” Sometimes we need to escape from self-awareness, and review ourselves in a third role.

If you feel like advices are not powerful enough for you to make a change, try to accompany with analysis. What’s the good part for being changed? And what’s the bad consequences which will ruin your future life when you stay still.

For example, you know that you can benefit a lot from reading. But you just cannot save your time for it. Use the strategy of analysis which makes you been convinced that reading can improve your life quality and social relationships. Also acknowledged your spiritual life will remain poor and you looks like a really bored person.

Now, provide the choice of change/unchange to yourself in daily life. What’s your answer?









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